10 Best PDF Printers

Whether it is a CV, report, or any other document, creating or printing PDF online should not be difficult. Unfortunately, computers don't have a printing option, so there's a need for separate PDF printers when the user wants to print files.

Nowadays, be it a student or businessman, everyone needs to compose PDF files and get them printed from the computer without any disturbance. This is the reason why many free PDF printers are available online. Here, we'll look at the 10 Best PDF printers that can edit the PDF files and print them with ease.

1. CocoDoc

CocoDoc is an advanced online PDF printer with a powerful printing feature that keeps up the original format of the file throughout the process. By its SSL encryption, files are protected so users can print PDF without getting concerned about security as the PDF will be removed automatically after an hour.

This free PDF printer allows users to print PDF from any device and operating system, whether a computer, laptop, or cell phone. If you have a file in Word, Excel, PPT, or JPG, you can have them easily converted into PDF format before printing them out in their finest shape.

CocoDoc is also a multitasking PDF editor which allows you to edit, track, mark, and wisely alter PDF documents. It creates a whole PDF document with many other small editing features like adding text boxes, adding images, signing PDF and highlighting any important details, etc.

The user can easily edit and compress the complete document by using CocoDoc's PDF converter. After converting the file into PDF format, they can print it in its original format.

It is the ultra-modern PDF printer with an advanced merging feature by which users can first merge different PDFs into one single document and print it out directly. CocoDoc also provides a free trial of 14 days in which the user can utilize its printing feature without getting registered. It is a web-based application that is why it can be accessed from any operating system such as Windows, Mac, or Linux.

2. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is a PDF printer for free and works for all kinds of software like Mac, Windows, or Linux. It doesn't require any registration or installation of software. It is an online printer and PDF converter program which works accurately on all devices and browsers like IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

The limit of Smallpdf file size is 5GB. Even if there are large PDFs, it will require a short period to compress the file by compression tool, and the file will be squeezed. All the compression and merging of files take place in the cloud and don't require any computer capacity.

The PDF printer creates and prints PDFs all in a single place. It supports Excel, Word, PPT, JPG, PNG, and BMP. The requirement is to drag the file into the toolbox, and it will be printed in PDF form. Moreover, PDF files can be converted into any other file type which the user chooses through this app.

If the user does not want to upload the file online, then there's an offline version at the Smallpdf app. The file will be converted offline without being uploaded for the user's security. The PDF printer also allows the free trial for two weeks.

3. doPDF

doPDF is another best PDF printer that claims to give high-quality PDF printers because of its advanced features. Using doPDF, the user is allowed to convert documents to PDF and print them. It will enable the user to convert different printable files like Word documents, Excel sheets, Publisher presentations, and charts into PDF files.

It makes the file extraordinarily small compared to other free PDF printers as it doesn't allow 3rd party software to create PDF files. This PDF printer contains 33 different languages, offers a quick overview of files, and gives shortcuts to the most popular activities, notifications, and news.

doPDF installs as a virtual printer, and it will automatically appear in the device's faxes and printers list. doPDF contains the latest version, which is united with an automatic update engine. Updates can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly, but the user can disable this feature anytime. It is supported by 32-BIT AND 64-BIT window operating systems.

It contains A0 to A6 page size, B4/5, Letter, Legal, Executive, Envelope DL/C5/B5/Monarch/#10, ANSI, and ARCH with 50 different formats.

4. Adobe Acrobat XI Printer

Adobe Acrobat XI Printer provides a one-stop solution for all PDF printing-related demands. It supports all kinds of PDF files, even encrypted ones, by offering a vast range of editing features. The plugins provide users to edit the PDF and print the documents out are not free. It also prints the document, whether it's an entire webpage or just a portion of it.

Adobe Acrobat XI Printer requires you to choose the PDF in printer options, and then it turns the file into a high-quality document. After the creation, the user can edit them and print them in a hard copy.

It allows users to split multiple smaller files before printing by PDF splitter. It can also combine more than one document into a single-organized PDF, and then it's ready to print out. PDF splitter is used to maximize the number of pages, file size, top-level bookmarks, and rearrange the pages or page numbers of the file.

Adobe Acrobat XI Printer can also be used to convert document, image, or web page into a high-quality PDF that looks prominent on any device-desktop, and tablet. It converts web pages to PDF for convenience to print and view.

5. PrimoPDF

PrimoPDF is a program that creates PDF files from Microsoft Windows documents and also works as a virtual printer. With a single click, the user can turn almost any file into a PDF file and print it in high quality.

The program changes the original quality of pictures and provides their highest available resolution so that the print can look better. It also comes up with various levels of pixel compression for high-quality print.

The program merges two or more PDF files before printing by just inserting pages from other files altogether. Additionally, it enables the user to select any location from the original file and insert the additional pages in it so the user can go right ahead towards printing.

It is the latest in PDF encryption and password protection and offers proper security to each file. The program lets the user control the access to his PDF files. Moreover, specific keywords can be used to make it searchable after the creation of the file. The program is organized, easy to use, and print. It enables the user to set his printing properties, printing resolution, and the number of copies.

6. PDFelement

PDFelement is a free PDF printer that comes up with features that make PDF printing much more effortless. Its print functions contain high resolution, fine pixels, powerful editing tools, and good quality formats.

Other than that, the app contains numerous editing styles for making high-quality PDF prints and provides approximately 300 PDF editing tools. Besides editing and printing PDF, it also allows the user to convert Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, and HTML into printable PDFs.

PDFelement comes up with an OCR technology which means optical character recognition. This powerful function is used to convert books and paper documents into PDF files for printing. If the user wishes to print out a new PDF, they are required to create it, edit the file, and print the file out easily. Along with that, the user can also scan their printed PDF files.

7. Foxit PDF Printer

Foxit PDF Printer is another free online PDF printer that is an old player in all the PDF printers as the app was invented years ago. The latest technology has converted this old PDF printer app into a modern printer, and it now has viewing, editing, and printing powers.

The software is united with cloud storage. Its printing function is reliable for Windows users. Foxit PDF Printer is free of cost, no registration is required, and there is no need to create an account for availing printing services.

It requires the user to open the PDF file and then click on the 'Edit Text' option near the top-center of the screen. After editing the files, select the print dialog box, and choose Save as Default. These settings can be applied to all files. After these steps, the PDF will be printed.

8. Nitro PDF Printer

Nitro PDF Printer is a virtual printer that enables the user to create and edit a PDF file from any software capable of printing. It is easy to use and does not require any configuration and registration. Users can spontaneously install it on Windows printer manager.

To print a PDF from the Nitro PDF Printer, open the document through an application of Nitro PDF Creator. The program has a print command in the File menu: select print command, or press Ctrl+P.

From the printer list, you need to choose Nitro PDF Printer by clicking once on it. The Nitro PDF Printer properties dialog will appear. After this, describe file properties, and select OK to return to the Print dialog. The application makes file productivity convenient, powerful, reasonable, and readily available to everyone.

9. Xodo

Xodo is a multifunctional program that works as a free PDF printer, editor, and viewer app. Users can effectively edit, annotate, share and print out the document they have created. It lets the user fill forms from any smartphone or tablet within a matter of seconds.

Moreover, the app has a chat property that alters the PDF into a virtual meeting room if the users work as a team. This will allow the users to make important changes within the document before printing it out.

Besides, Xodo gives different drawing tools, such as insert shapes, draw freehand, and adjusting font size, changing color, opacity, and thickness. The program syncs with cloud storage services, i.e., Google Drive and Dropbox, and prints them directly from the app.

10. BullZip PDF Printer

BullZip PDF Printer is an online PDF printer with a free version with certain limitations. However, the software is free from pop-ups or advertisements, but the user needs to go for its commercial application for advanced features and functions.

This app represents a Microsoft printer that protects your PDF files with passwords and allows users to print them easily. BullZip offers its users a 128/256 bit AES encryption to add security to their documents. Users can create PDF by adding watermarks into their text and sign them using digital certificates.

The app supports numerous output types, which include PNG, JPEG, BMP, PCX, and TIF. However, the app doesn't allow converting the PDF to other formats, whereas the interface is not graphically appealing. BullZip offers free of cost services. Users just need to select the file, choose the printing options, and print it out.


This article has explained the 10 best PDF printers along with their various features. The PDF printer driver saves and prints the file without disturbing its original format and graphics. The best print to PDF printers enables the user to perform multiple functions and publish the edited document in PDF format.

Furthermore, the user can control access to his documents by encrypting them. Anyone reviewing the article can acknowledge the latest features offered by explained print to PDF software.